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Jessica Simpson Sings Again!
With the reality shows and a few movies under her belt, you'd have thought that Jessica Simpson had totally given up on making music. But no!
Mighty Hotties - 3/9/2010
VIDEO: Denise Milani Makes a Busty Wonder Woman!
Check out this little gem of a video! 38 Triple-D czech model Denise Milani certainly fills out a Wonder Woman costume!
Mighty Hotties - 3/8/2010
Jennifer "Elektra" Garner's Day at Pre-School
After spending Sunday reading to kids as part of the Milk + Bookies fundraiser in LA, "Valentine's Day" star Jennifer Garner was back in mom-mode on Wednesday as she picked up 4-year-old cutie Violet Affleck from pre-school in Santa Monica.
Mighty Hotties - 3/8/2010
Rachel Nichols Cast As Tamara In Conan
Apparently the smokin hot actress will play the female lead in Marcus Nispel's Conan remake...
Mighty Hotties - 3/5/2010
Jessica Simpson Opens Up to Oprah
Jessica Simpson is finally opening up about John Mayer's raunchy Playboy mag comments. "I don't want people to know how I am in bed!" Simpson, 29, laments in an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that aired Wednesday.
Mighty Hotties - 3/4/2010
Megan Fox Reveals How Many Men She's Slept With
Surprisingly, Megan Fox says she can count the number of guys she's slept with on one hand.
Mighty Hotties - 3/4/2010
Odessa Rae is Smallville’s Silver Banshee
Smallville is not just putting all of its eggs in into next month’s very cool looking Geoff Johns piloted Absolute Justice event, announcing that they have cast Odessa Rae in the role of the Silver Banshee...
Mighty Hotties - 3/4/2010
Natalie Portman Producing Best Buds
Reports today have Natalie Portman producing and starring in the stoner road trip comedy Best Buds.
Mighty Hotties - 2/22/2010
Rhona Mitra Interested in Catwoman Role
Rhona Mitra says she would be very interested in playing the role of Catwoman in the next Batman film! Rhona says: “I wouldn’t say no!” when asked by Sci Fi Wire if she’d accept a role as the feline felon.
Mighty Hotties - 2/18/2010
Scarlett "Black Widow" Johansson is Selling Her Body on E-bay
Have you ever dreamt of dating that human embodiment of sexy, Scarlett Johansson? Stupid question, of course you have. Even if you're a heterosexual female. Well opportunities like this do not come along often. Read on!
Mighty Hotties - 2/17/2010
Fox News Hottie Lauren Sivan Does Yoga
Lauren Sivan was the sexy nighttime news anchor on the FOX News Channel. She joined FOX as an overnight news anchor in September 2008, and unfortunately for us hottie watchers left last August. But since we just now found this video of her doing Yoga, we thought we'd post it as a tribute to her hotness.
Mighty Hotties - 2/17/2010
FAN VID: Bikini Woman & Teeny Girl
Now this is a fan film that we can get into!
Mighty Hotties - 2/16/2010
Brittany Murphy's Last Movie Gets Release Date
Brittany Murphy's final film will be released this summer. The actress -- who died from cardiac arrest in December at age 32 -- filmed psychological horror thriller Abandoned last June
Mighty Hotties - 2/16/2010
Megan Fox Wants to Be a Mommy
"No one believes me when I talk about this, but I'm really maternal," the actress says in the new issue of W.
Mighty Hotties - 2/16/2010
Brangelina take kids for Ice Cream -- IN ITALY!
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up together in Venice, Italy on Tuesday with four of their favorite pets: Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3.
Mighty Hotties - 2/16/2010
Jessica Alba Would Love To Return To Sin City
The lovely actress best known for playing lasso swinging Nancy in the first Sin City has said she hasn't heard anything script wise, but would love to return to Basin city...
Mighty Hotties - 2/10/2010
Angelina Jolie's Bum Crack IS... "Wanted"
For all the fanBOYS out there, here is the PG13 scene from "Wanted" where Angie shows off her coin slot.
Mighty Hotties - 2/9/2010
Caprica's Alessandra Torresani Showing Skin for Maxim
She may play a 16 year old, but the actress is actually 22 so feel free to check out her Maxim pics with a guilt free conscience;)
Mighty Hotties - 2/9/2010
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Stars in NEW "The Thing" Movie
Winstead (Death Proof) will be starring in Universal's latest take on the alien shape-shifter for this reboot/prequel of the 1982 John Carpenter-Kurt Russell cult movie, which was a remake of 1951's "The Thing From Another World."
Mighty Hotties - 2/9/2010
The Secrets of Isis
Remember that hot chick who was on the 70's Saturday Morning live action show called "The Secrets of Isis"? Well she now has her own gallery on
Mighty Hotties - 2/8/2010
Whiteout's Beautiful Beckinsale
While the movie made us cold, the star heated us up! Check out Kate Beckinsale's PG-13 shower scene from Whiteout.
Mighty Hotties - 12/29/2009