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Is Anne Hathaway Sexy Enough To Be Nolan's New Catwoman!

Will she rock the tight leather outfit better then Michelle Pfeiffer did? From the looks of these pictures I say Yes!
Hip Hip Hooray! Christopher Nolan has casted Anne Hathaway as Catwoman/Selina Kyle in next years conclusion to his bat trilogy 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Everytime I say the title I feel like it needs work. Know what I dont think needs any work at all whatsoever? Anne Hathaway!

In celebration of Anne being cast as the newest Catwoman, has created a gallery consisting of every Anne Hathaway picture I could find. Truely beautiful and stunning in leather, Nolan could not have made a better choice!

Anne Hathaway Sexy Picture

Check out Anne Hathaway's gallery over at for a most up close and personal look of the new Catwoman!

And one more Catwoman'ish pic, just cause I couldnt help myself!

Anne Hathaway Sexy Picture


To paraphrase Dr. Frankenfurter (maybe not the best source) "she's as sensual as a pencil."
mutantpie - 3/9/2011, 10:50 AM
Oh wow, this is a hard one. I think Anne is definitely sexy enough to pull off the costume, but will she be able to pull off the whole "Catwoman" character? Honestly, she just doesn't see like the catwoman type= sexy, vixen-like, will do anything & try to seduce any man that will get in her way... (aka Batman). I was really surprised when I heard she was going to do the role, I mean really shocked. I hope she knocks my socks off & proves me wrong. I really do, because right now, I'm doubting her ability for this complex role. She does have a LONG list of beauties to follow... Let's see, umm the 1st & one my personal favs, Julie Nemar from the 1966 Batman series. There were 2 other Catwoman that replaced her because of project complications at the time, but she was the best in my eyes for that time period. Then we have Michelle Pfeiffer (MEEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!), and then Halle Berry. I'm sure more than a few people will disagree with me, but I guess I just didn't see Halle as Catwoman? She fit the costume, and even a great timid Selina Kyle. I can't tell you what it was, it just wasn't Catwoman to me. She was great in Xmen as storm though, wow! And it might of been the writing in the Catwoman movie that ruined it for me, because I wasn't buying it. I'd love to see Megan Fox as a new Wonder Woman, or even yes, a Catwoman!!!! I give Anne props for trying the role, it takes some guts to fit in Catwoman's boots (and costume, lol). I wish her luck & I hope, sincerely that she pulls it off!
Destglo30 - 4/11/2011, 2:24 AM
She looks sexy but not sexy enough for the role.
JacksonH - 10/5/2011, 1:09 AM
Man, those are some boobies

Hot Cosplay Girls>/a>
kumar692 - 7/28/2013, 9:50 AM

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