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Olivia Wilde Has Got Me Excited For Tron!

Emm emm! I love me some Olivia Wilde!
When I first heard that Jeff Bridges was reprising his role in the new Tron movie (coming out Dec 17, 2010), I was kinda like, 'meh, cool'. But then I heard that Olivia Wilde was going to be in it and I got real interested in Tron real fast.

Olivia Wilde is so hot that when she first started to get famous they had to change her real name, which is Olivia Cockburn, to Olivia Wilde. Her agent had to have said this: 'Hmm, nope, Olivia Cockburn just wont do! Olivia is too sexy to burn any c*#k!' Maybe not, but thats what I would have said!

Flash forward into the present and what Olivia Wilde has become is an Irish super model/actress that when seen, lights the eyes and imaginations up of Men that love to look at beautiful women everywhere.

So click away and enjoy the ComicBookHotties Gallery that is Olivia Wilde!

Olivia Wilde Sexy Picture

Be sure and not miss this video of Olivia getting down for GQ!



F'ing EPIC!!!!!
LEEE777 - 1/10/2011, 2:55 AM
Sexiest Woman Alive!
kealoha - 9/17/2012, 5:20 PM

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