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Emma Stone Should Have Been Mary Jane Watson!!

I Should be thanking the Hollywood Gods! My red headed dreams SHOULD have come true! Instead it's a Retraction!
Earlier this month it was reported by DCMarvelFreshman that Emma Stone was offered the role of 'Mary Jane Watson' in Sony's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Which is really cool news if you did not like how Kirsten Dunst portrayed MJ in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. I like Dunst as an actress but did not think she looked like MJ in any way shape or form. I still don't. In fact I cringe a little when I think about how bad of a mis cast the role of Mary Jane truly was, throw the Green Power Ranger Goblin in the mix and my stomach starts to turn.

Fast forward 8 years since the first Spidey film and Sony now wants to do a reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. Which is fine. Sony now has a chance to fix the things that were wrong the first go around.

They got a new director in Marc Webb so Sam Raimi's out. That was a bad move as Marc Webb will no way have the talent that Raimi has been fine tuning over the years. Sony then gives Andrew Garfield a go around as Spidey, and still I think Sony took a step backwards as Garfield is not as good of an actor as Tobey is. Then came the 'Rhys Ifans' news that Rhys was cast as the reboot's main mysterious villain. Which was a move in the right direction. Rhys Ifan looks like a creepy dude, someone that would hang out in the ally and mug you cause he thought you look liked Harry Potter. No other reason, he just looks like he hates Harry Potter. So 1 out of 2 aint bad right? WRONG!

Sony then made (what everyone thought) was going to be the smartest casting choice made in the modern era of Hollywood in casting the beautiful Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson! Except they didn't! They gave Emma the role of Gwen Stacy. So now I have to say BOOOOOOOOO! Obviously from yesterdays mis post I was thrilled when I thought Emma got the role of MJ simply because they are a spitting image of each other. Emma being MJ got me excited to see what other positive changes Sony was going to make to the Spidey reboot. Are you kidding me? Emma is a spitting image of Mary Jane. She is every guy's fantasy when fantasizing about a red head. And who hasn't done that? That's right no one.

So to help you with you're 'Red Headed Forced Into Being A Blond Fantasy' and because Emma Stone is going to portray one of the hottest Marvel character's in their library, has created a 'Emma Stone' Gallery! I know it right, SHOCK!!!

Emma Stone Sexy Pictures

First of all the above pic proves that Emma Stone has walked in MJ's shoes. Emma can be and is a cover model. So she sure as hell should have gotten the role of Mary Jane instead of Gwen Stacy. Be sure to click on the pic to see more of her GQ photo spread over at!

Emma Stone Sexy Pictures

How nice would it be to come everyday and see Emma Stone chilling on the living room couch just like she is in the photo above? Damn NICE!!!!!!!!!

Emma Stone Sexy Pictures

What do I have to say about this pic? How about 'Holy S^&T! The girl that is suppose to play Mary Jane but Sony goofed and made her Gwen Stacy just jumped out of my bed!' Yeah, I'd say that's accurate!

Emma Stone Sexy Pictures

Emma can STILL ride my bike every day of the week into eternity!

If you don't watch the below Sexy video of Emma Stone then you're probably not a decent human. Male or female, which ever you are, will appreciate the pure simple beauty that is Emma Stone. Think of it like watching a deer run in the woods, just another one of God's creations to study!

Be sure to click on any of the above pics to get to the hottest ComicBookHottie Gallery site on the web,!

To all the people out there in Hater Land, that have a three syllable first name, and that stab their friend in the back that gave you the opportunity to be where you are today: Go back to where you came from because this place was better before you found it.

Hey I screwed up, I didn't research the above post as thoroughly as I should have. So I apologize. In the popular stories section of CBM I saw Emma Stone to be offered the role of MJ, I googled it and got a lot of the same results. This made me thrilled because I remember hearing Emma was going to get the role of Gwen, which made no sense to me. So when I saw she was MJ I had to find more pictures of her because she is soooo much better looking then Dunst. But alas, it was not to be. So that is why the original post was deleted and this Retraction is up.

Despite what you may think of us Editors, we still wake up every morning put our pants on one leg at a time (except Ror, I heard he's only got nubs! Have you ever seen Ror walk around? Didn't think so!) and make mistakes. But unlike other sites we have people behind the scenes that help out with the editing process and with any newspaper or news site there are going to be mistakes. I'm super thankful for the Editor that deleted my screw up. Because he did not delete the article out of personal gain (to get his on the front page), or simply out of spite(Thank God we don't have to deal with that BS anymore). To that I say Thanks and I hope this Retraction makes up for my mistake.

So shut up and go click on the beauty that was suppose to be MJ, but with Sony making a left turn and possibly making a bigger mis cast then the Dunst/MJ fiasco, is now Gwen Stacy!


Emma looks hot in the couch image.
JacksonH - 10/5/2011, 1:34 AM

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